Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How to Enable CD Burning for Limited Users

Windows have the option of creating a limited account and it is the account that we usually see in the offices, school or colleges. The account is called limited as it has only certain features enabled while most of the admin features are disabled.
One of such features is the CD burning option. This option is usually disabled for the limited account users but there are times when we want to burn some CD/DVD disk. For our convenience here is a method to enable the CD/DVD burning feature for the limited account in windows.
This can be easily done by making some changes in the registry; however registry editor is also disabled for the limited account users. But if you can import some vbs script that can modify the registry in the backend, then your work is done.
To enable the CD burning feature for limited users just download the script, unzip it and double click on the vbs file. Click Yes to allow making changes in the registry. That's it you would be able to burn CDs in spite being in the limited account.
[ Download VB Script ]
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